Guard HEPA Filters


Mini Pleated Filter

Suitable for High Air Flow, highly efficient

Mini Pleated Filter for Fresh, Filtered Air Every Breath!

Experience top-notch air filtration in Pakistan with our Mini Pleated Filter (H14)! This powerhouse is engineered to capture even the smallest particles (0.3 microns) effortlessly – dust, pollen, and trapped. With its H14 rating, it sets the gold standard for clean air.

Our HEPA products deliver unmatched performance, which is ideal for hospitals, cleanrooms, or anyone who appreciates fresh air. Its mini-pleated design provides superior surface area, ensuring durability and efficiency. Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance – say goodbye to stale air and hello to a fresher, healthier environment with the Mini Pleated Filter (H14).

• High air flow applications
• High-quality glassfiber media
• High efficiency
• Flexibility in size


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