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Bag Filter

Multi Pockets Energy Efficient and Durable

Fresh Air, No Compromise: Explore Our Bag Filters!

Bag Filter F6-F7 and Bag Filter F8-F9 are two top-notch filtration solutions designed for superior air quality. The Bag Filter F6-F7 offers a 65% filtration efficiency, ideal for trapping common airborne particles like dust and pollen. Meanwhile, the Bag Filter F8-F9 boasts an impressive 95% efficiency, targeting even ultrafine particles such as bacteria and viruses.

These Hepa filters are easy to install and maintain, ensuring hassle-free operation for various environments. Achieve superior air quality with our primary air filters, offering top-notch filtration for a fresher atmosphere in any environment. Whether it’s a business space or a business setting, our low cost products guarantee convenient and healthy air. Say goodbye to airborne particulate pollutants and embrace a refreshed ecosystem with our best air purifier collection.

• Multi-pocket bag filter
• Comprehensive range of standard sizes
• Unique pocket design
• Large surface area
• Controlled media spacing (CMS)

• Large surface area
• Saves energy –
optimized design
• Comprehensive
range of standard


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