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About HEPA Filters

Guard Hepa Filters is one of Pakistan’s most significant names in auto filters and engine oil manufacturing. It was founded by the late Mr Shafi Malik in 1960. As the environment around the world changes rapidly, researchers test air filtering solutions every day. Keeping water and air clean is the most important thing we must do as a society right now. Guard HEPA filters are the right option, whether in the office or at home.

Our company also proudly operates East Asia’s largest filter production factory, ensuring high-quality products at low costs. Guard HEPA filters are great at meeting many different air filter needs because we make many of them using advanced techniques called Guard Filtration Technologies. We’re proud that our cutting-edge technology has helped us make processes more efficient, saving us essential resources.

Our Product For You

Guard HEPA filters are the best air filters in Pakistan. We are Pakistan’s leading clean air solutions provider and understand our customers’ performance and sustainability needs after 58 years. Our best air filters products clean the air in homes and businesses better than any other filter nationwide, making the environment cleaner and healthier for everyone. Our wide selection of filters, including customized filters, meets the highest international standards and is quality-tested.

Top Air Filter Manufacturer: Guard HEPA Filter

Guard HEPA Filters is the top air filter manufacturer in the industry. We manufacture filters for air purification in homes, offices and large buildings. Our HEPA filters are good at eliminating bad things in the air, like dust, pollen and germs. Our air filter company uses the latest technology to ensure our filters work well. We’ve got you covered if you need a filter for your home or a large factory. People worldwide trust our air filter company’s filters to keep the air clean and healthy. 

Try our filters and see how much better the air can be!

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