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Social Responsibility

Pakistan has a lot of people, and the medical facilities there need to be more to meet the wants of all 170 million of them. Because of this, there is a constant need for world-class medical and surgery units to help poor people get good care at a low cost. Their Brother, Mr Ishaq Malik, came up with the idea for Mumtaz Bakhtawar Hospital with this goal in mind, and his late brother (Late) Mr Muhammad Shafi Malik Satara Imtiaz, helped make it happen with his love, support, and help. 


  • We are now building a technical college, and the first one will be in the office of Mumtaz Bakhtawar Memorial Trust Hospital in Raiwind.
  • They are setting up mobile hospital Camps in remote areas of Pakistan in the Future. We are putting up brand-new, cutting-edge facilities at the camps.
  • Every year, the trust helps more than 150,000 people. It aims to add many patients for the general public’s well-being. In the house, the expansion plan is underway in collaboration with another hospital.

Hospital Projects

A great group of professionals from the fields of medicine and architecture designed the hospitals. The architects plan to make the buildings into centers of excellence that meet the most excellent standards in the world and run them that way. Every day, hospitals care for about 500 people.

The hospital’s management based its operations on rules and standards set by medical institutions in Europe and the United States. These projects, paid for by the Mumtaz Bakhtawar Memorial Trust and gifts from generous people, have received the highest praise at home and abroad. All staff members, from doctors to administrative assistants, were hand-picked for their unique skills and experience. As far as modern medical facilities and surgery tools go, the hospital has them all.


Mosques have been built on both the hospital premises as a part of a corporate social responsibility initiative. There are enough seats for 600 people at the mosque on Raiwind Road, and 400 people can fit in at the mosque on Wahdat Road. They decorated the interior with Multani glasswork and calligraphy. Islamic literature is also available for self-study in mosque libraries.


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