Guard HEPA Filters


Frequently Asked Questions

Guard filters recommended testing all HEPA filters (DOP Test) according to the HEPA H13 standard and labeling their results on the filter. The quality assurance test report is kept on file and is available upon request.

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the HEPA filter’s promise and warranty to work. If you don’t do that, try to service the filters as soon as possible. It could void any available warranties and make the installation less effective.

Yes, we follow international standards for manufacturing HEPA filters.

We have two different production lines
— With Separator
–Without Separator
It depends on customer demand.

We have developed two types of HEPA filters with separator and separator less.

We use H&V paper/media imported from the USA, one of the world’s best companies.

We are using Aluminium Separators & thermostatic hot-melt adhesive for uniform spacing.

Air Borne Particles up to the size of 0.3 microns.

It depends totally on your customized needs. After getting your technical requirements or brief, we can tell you about the estimated time.


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